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In addition, Amuta 51 has an accessible digital database with over 3,000 leading professional women from various fields who are ready and willing to participate in conferences, media interviews, lectures around the country and more.  

Parallel to the organization's activities in promoting gender equality, we also promote quality employment opportunities for women throughout Israel and especially for women who reside in the periphery. As part of our core activities, we create employment programs which are designated for these women. The purpose of these programs is to ensure quality employment opportunities which are accessible to women from the periphery, thus influencing their status in society. 

As of 2021, Amuta 51 has enabled the employment of over 120 employed women from Mitzpe Ramon, Safed, Ofakim, Sderot, Yeruham and more. These women come from various Israeli backgrounds. They are ultra-Orthodox or religious, secular, Arab, Ethiopian and immigrants from the USSR. The organization's circles of influence consist of women and their children in promoting a sustainable local economy. 

As part of its activities, Amuta 51 promotes outsourcing services from peripheral areas to companies situated in the center region of Israel. Thus, we bring the periphery closer to the center by providing solutions using digital technologies. Among the services provided are - bookkeeping, payroll accounting, collection, cash flow management, administration services which include customer support with remote support, personal secretariat, telemeeting, confirmation of arrival, technical support, traditional and digital customer service, BI, data control, building websites, graphic design, digital media management and more. 

Amuta 51 introduces new and unskilled women into the employment market, assists in creating communities with mutual responsibilities, provides a sense of security for the employee and her family, thus raising the economic security of women and their families. By providing these activities and programs, in a broader sense, the organization strengthens local employment which leads to both strengthening of small and medium-sized businesses and to sustainable circular employment and regional economic resilience. 


Hana Rado, Chairperson 

Einav Alon, VP of Finance 

The organization has 5 additional members and 15 volunteers. 

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Amuta 51 


Amuta 51 was founded in 2019 by Social Entrepreneur, Hana Rado. The key objective of the organization is to promote gender equality at points of influence in Israel and around the world. We work proactively to ensure an equal female presence in the Israeli government and politics, academia, conferences, media performances, delegations and of course in the business sector, senior executive positions, and boards of directors. We ensure this by promoting programs and projects that bring about change in Israeli society. 

Our gender equality flagship program is called "The School for Future CEOs", which aims (1) to increase the number of women in senior management positions in the Israeli business world and (2) to strengthen women who serve in managerial and influential positions, by contributing to gender gap reduction in the Israeli employment market. We also support the "Accelerators" program, for the advancement of women-led startups, the "Finance" program for the advancement of women's security and economic independence in local and regional authority forums, and more. The organization produces multi-sectoral collaborations to promote its activities with organizations such as the United Kibbutz Movement and the Kibbutz Industry Association Inc, the Israeli Stock Exchange, the Manufacturers Association of Israel, Deloitte Israel and more. 

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